My first week in Moyon

July 18th ended my incredible backpacking adventure with two of my best friends: Kelly Carnathan and Emma Sobczak. Since then I have been living in Moyon, France which is close to the northern border. I am here through and am living with a woman named Polly Watt and her two little girls. Moyon is situated out in the country and the house I am living in is several hundred years old with a red door and red shutters. It does not get much better. Behind the house they have fruit trees and an organic garden. It is truly adorable.

This past weekend we went to the beach and I ate fresh mussels for the first time and fell in love with them. I had to drive home by myself, along with another helpx-er (Alannah), and we had an interesting time of it. I had never driven a stick shift before arriving at my homestay and had only practiced a few times before this particular evening. I arrived at the first stop light and three police officers were sitting on the other side of the intersection. I stalled several times and they came over to inspect. It all worked out and they eventually let us go. We were quite shaken up so we decided to take another route back, thus avoiding the officers, yet this meant going away from our directions. We ended up slightly lost, but my friend finally found us on the map and we finally arrived home. It was quite the experience, and one I have no desire to repeat, but what would a true adventure be without a few mishaps that will always be remembered?

This week the family is staying at the beach for a vacation while I stay (along with Alannah) at the house and dog sit. It is a wonderful place to be and we are both looking forward to the peacefulness it has to offer.


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  1. Mmmm, that recipe sounds amazing! (And raisins, apricots, and cinnamon… yes. Definitely good. I bet it would be good with dried cherries, sliced almonds, cardamom, and a bit of vanilla too.)

    And the adventure… yes, that is the kind of thing good memories and life are made of. So glad you’re writing about it all!


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