A Room with a View

I am currently reading E.M. Forster’s “A Room with a View” and felt obligated to take a picture of the view from my own room where I was reading. I am only 14% of the way through the book, according to my kindle, but I already think it is wonderful. “A Room with a View” is set in Florence, Italy and it is such an incredible feeling being able to put clear images along with written descriptions. I find great joy in thinking about the all of the places I have recently visited and the amazing friends who travelled with me. I do not think I will ever be able to explain the immense thoughts and feelings that correlate to the experience. There are no words for the truly phenomenal adventures that shape our lives, the only way to get a sense of it is to look at the persons face while they attempt to describe it. Expressions have the ability to pick up where words struggle. It is such a change from what I am experiencing now. I have not gone anywhere this week, outside of  walking distance, spending most of my time writing, reading, cooking, walking, and talking with my sole companion for the week. It has made me slow down and process, and I think that was much needed. It is hard for me not to be productive, but then I suppose being productive is somewhat subjective. I think it is beneficial to body and soul to  reflect on and participate in what truly brings us joy and why, and I would claim that this is productive. So much can be gained by soaking in God’s creation and marveling in the blessings he pours down on us.

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  1. This post makes me want to cry. I am so happy for you to have experienced such adventures! You are one of those few people who dream hugely, and then work as hard as you can to actually live those dreams. I love you.


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