Life in France and Sponge Cake Recipe

Life in Moyon is getting on extremely well. I stay fairly busy helping out Polly with various projects around the house (I am currently building a simple structure from which she can hang a sign advertising for her guest houses), running errands, and cleaning the gîtes. The time that I have to myself is spent in walking the dogs (which is a beautiful walk even when the dogs try my patience), reading, sewing (I picked up some fabric and thread) and trying to plan a little for graduate school. There were two men staying in one of the gîtes this past week, one was a professor at University of Kentucky and one was a lawyer in Lexington. The lawyer he has a friend who works for the Kentucky Equal Justice Center and has worked with victims of human trafficking in Kentucky. I was given his phone number and e-mail address so that I could contact him with any questions that I might have. I have already e-mailed him:) God definitely blessed me with this contact and I am so thankful. For those of you who do not know, I am looking into the Masters of Social Work program at the University of Kentucky and University of Louisville. Right now I am trying to decide if I want to apply to one or both, for I do not have to take the GRE for UK but I would for UofL. Tricky.

Friday was a fabulous day, for I started out running an errand with Polly and it turned into a nice day by the sea, which was where her errand was wonderfully located. We walked along the coast for a little bit and then had lunch of cod with a cream sauce. On our way back we stopped off at a German cemetery which was beautifully kept to inspire reflection and was very interesting. After we left we saw I sign for cider, which we both love, the signs took us out to nowhere, but the scenery was fantastic and the cider tasty. Saturday the guests left and we cleaned both gîtes and are  once again full of guests.

Polly has been attempting to teach me how to cook, which has been wonderful even though the possibility of recreating the recipes on my own is slight. Oh, I will try, but they probably will not even resemble the delightful treats she has created.

She has made a sponge cake and a rice pudding. The sponge cake recipe is called a quartre quart and is very easy: for every egg you add 50 grams of sugar, butter, and flour. That simple. The rice pudding is round, sticky rice;  milk; sugar; and vanilla. Heavenly.

I will try to take some pictures this week to post. Lots of Love.


  1. You would be fantastic in social work. I didn’t know what your plans were, so I am delighted to hear them. It sounds like your time in Moyon is beautiful, the kind of good-for-all-of-you days that work their way into the soil of your being, nurturing who you are.

    What will you sew? French fabric… I might be jealous (with the kind of jealousy that leads one to know that a friend is blessed and share the joy of that).

    May your days be so blessed…


  2. Sticky rice pudding sounds good. We’ve always preferred sticky rice. My grandmother used to make a pudding that sounds like that except that it had a little crushed pinapple in it. I was the only one of us kids that liked it.

    I have tried to post two other comments & just as ready to hit the post button they disappeared. Either they are gone or they some how came through.

    Love you & excited to see you when your wonderful time is over.


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