Bayeux and the National Stud

Wednesday and Thursday were wonderfully adventurous days. Wednesday Polly and I went to Bayeux for a touristy day out involving a wonderful cathedral and a ridiculously long tapestry. The city of Bayeux was adorable. It was full of tourists but has managed to maintain the quaintness of old French towns. I have decided to move there, or somewhere similar, when I am old with permed hair, and have a little shop during the summer and then vacation in the south during the winter. The Bayeux Cathedral was large and full of faces and gargoyles carved into the stone at the top of all the columns. Spectacular stained glass windows illuminated the floor, shining through the metal gates of each chapel. Lovely Lovely. We then wandered over to the Bayeux Tapestry which was fantastic. It tells the story of how William conquered English troops at the Battle of Hastings. It is related in extremely detailed needlework that is incredibly impressive. It is vastly long and in great condition, especially considering it was begun in 1066. After marveling at the dedication that took much longer to complete than the battle itself, we went to the British cemetery honoring another war… World War II. It was different from the German cemetery we visited a couple of days ago, for the tomb stones were white arches instead of grey stone crosses. It was wonderfully kept with flowers planted between each grave.We will be visiting the American cemetery when we go to the D-day beaches. Yesterday we went to the National Stud. They are located all over France and were established by Napoleon to breed horses for his army. They had beautiful horses and we made it in time to see a little of the jumping and then a show of carts and carriages from different aspects of French history. Two beautiful days with beautiful experiences!

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