Life is Beautiful

This has been a wonderful week in France. I went on a walk this past Sunday without the dogs, and it allowed me to view the usual surroundings in a new way. I came to realize that one of my favorite things in life is being surrounded by nature (which I already knew) and the sky is so bright that the trees almost look black. I took a series of these beautiful black trees on that walk and have posted one of them above (after the picture of the sign I made, the post, not the picture). They are almost eerie in a sense, with a bright blue background, such as a silhouette painting. It is a wonderful sight to behold.

I must now write of the kindest English family currently staying in the gîtes. They have taken me under their wings and blessed me with two days of adventure. I went with them on Tuesday to see the great Mont Saint Michel. It was absolutely incredible, with a village on the lower half of the volcanic structure, then leading into halls, a crypt, a cloister, a chapel, and then at the very top the abbey church. It was not lavish as many of the churches I have seen since being here, but was simplistic and beautiful. The stained glass was also simple in theme and color, but the designs of the glass were wonderful and changed on each pane. After leaving, we drove to a botanical garden in Avranche to eat lunch, and we could see Mont Saint Michel in the distance. It was absolutely lovely. We then headed to a place where they make apple cider and brandy. We took a tour to see how it was made and then enjoyed a tasting at the end. The English couple refused to let me pay for anything and even shared their lunch with me. It was a beautiful day spent with beautiful people.

On Wednesday Polly and I went to see Omaha Beach/American cemetery and Point du Hoc. At the American cemetery none of the gravestones had the soldiers age, as did the others we had seen, but they each listed the state each soldier was from and I found that to be interesting. The graves were marked with white crosses and Stars of David, which I loved. It was beautifully kept and also featured a chapel and a memorial. Point du Hoc is a location between Omaha Beach and Utah Beach, both of which can be seen from this location, and is where rangers scaled the cliffs to take out enemy artillery. The location is filled with giant holes, bunkers, and foundations of numerous structures. They were both extremely interesting to visit and I am glad that I had the opportunity.

Thursday I once again travelled with the English family. They came over that morning to see if I wanted to go with them to see the museum and gardens of Christian Dior (a couture fashion designer for those who do not know), because I had expressed some enthusiasm when they had mentioned it previously. As you can guess I was in the car with them when they pulled out an hour later. The museum is located in the house of Dior and it was ridiculously fantastic. I loved every second of it. They had paintings from his early days, letters, sketches, drawings, and then displays of his designs. It was awe-inspiring, breathtaking, emotional…it was fabulous. The gardens located there are impeccably kept and overlooked the crystal-clear sea. The entire atmosphere was exquisite. Lovely lovely. Again they paid for me and shared their lunch. I feel blessed by having the opportunity to meet such people and see such amazing sights. God has taken care of me…he must know how much I dread driving over here.

Today I am at home with a few sewing projects from Polly, who borrowed a sewing machine from someone much to my delight, and I pray they go well…I have never made a slip cover before:)

Lots of love my dear family and friends.

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  1. rachel, love
    your decscriptions of the places you were able to visit were so wonderful & filled with with adjectives that brought them alive which made me feel I was there.(well almost)
    The family that took you around were very kind but am certain your enthusiam was a delight for them as well.


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