Peace Corps update

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to send out a small update on the Peace Corps process. I have also added a screenshot of my invitation confirming my acceptance if you wanted to see it 🙂

peace corps invite

Since I received this wonderful e-mail on February 11th and accepted a day later, I have been going to appointments and filling out paperwork as if it were my job – and I was not in grad school. I have successfully completed the most intense physical exam of my life (including immunizations, urine test, eight blood tests, and other unmentionables), have had a thorough dentist exam (including “probing” – whatever this it), and have been to the eye doctor for updated prescriptions. I have signed over my life, almost literally, by giving my parents full responsibility in case something happens to me. I have filled out substantial financial paperwork. I have also had to apply for a visa and another passport. It has been a crazy couple of weeks, but now that I have almost submitted everything that has been asked of me I should be in the clear until June. Which is Awesome.

In the meantime, I have to sort through everything I own and make piles “keep” and “yard sale.” I have to finish grad school and graduate, hopefully, on May 10th. I have to sell my car (if you are interested let me know). I have to make sure my loans are going to be deferred. Plus, a million tiny things in between. Oh, and I go to India for three weeks after I graduate.

I am tapping into all of my coping skills this semester, plus discovering new ones.

If you think of me, lift up a prayer or good thoughts 🙂

Much love!

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