Care Packages

Hey Peeps,970801_0111_1029_oslp

I have had some people asking about care packages so I thought I would write a little post. Overall, I have access to many wonderful things and do not miss much in the way of food and other items. There are a few things though, that I would love to receive sporadically throughout my time here. A few things that I have thought of include:

Chocolate (Milky Way and Snickers are a favorite)

Dried fruit (raisins and apricots)

Cliff bars of any kind

Trail mix (love dark chocolate with almonds)

Mac and cheese – i miss cheesy foods

Tea – herbal or green

Instant oatmeal packets

Cookie mix ( i have a little toaster oven i can make them in)

Any healthy snack food items


If you would like my address please just send me a message!

I know that it is expensive to send stuff to me and would just love to receive letters!

Much love!

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