Holiday Photos

Hello my dear friends and family,

December has already been a crazy month of activities so I thought I would share a few of these events through pictures instead of a monotonous timeline 🙂

The weekend following Thanksgiving I made dinner for my host family. They killed a chicken for me while I made mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, steamed peas, and candied squash. I was pretty delicious if I say so myself.

photo 1 - Copy (2)photo 2 (3)








The next day I went into the city to meet with two other volunteer to have dinner with the Peace Corps Director of the Philippines. It was a wonderful evening and they even surprised me with a birthday cake while the waiters sang to me.

At dinner in Cebu City Rachel and her birthday cake (2)






I got to see a wonderful friend who is volunteering on another island of the Philippines after dinner and then the next day we celebrated my actual birthday by having a wonderful lunch! When I got back to work the after the weekend festivities I found wonderful notes from the girls and staff littering my office with sweet sayings.

kalliope and me Holly Sarina and Rachel at lunch 1 (2)





Then last weekend I had the opportunity to go with the girls from the shelter to an outlook over the city. We went at the most spectacular time for we were able to see a full rainbow gracing the sky and then watch as the sun set over the city-scape. It was magical.

10154902_10202317248571254_3850355784395811371_n photo 3 (2)








We also had a wonderful Christmas party at the shelter this week, but I forgot to take photos…sorry. However, the holiday season is still in full force so I am sure to have more to come!

Much love!

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