The Therapy of Hobbies

happy soulI want to focus this post on the importance of continual learning as self-care. I don’t really mean academic learning when I say this, even though that is a definite option. I mean actually learning how to do new things and trying out new hobbies.

Hobbies are great for self-care because it is time that we allot just for ourselves, just for the joy of it. Hobbies are not something that we have to do, but what we want to do and there is something empowering in that. Hobbies do not include the indulgence of something that leads to feelings of guilt afterwards. Hobbies, however, challenge us to improve our skills while having an awesome experience at the same time.

CareerBright published an article on why having a hobby is good for you, it states fives reasons such as it:

  1. Builds self-confidence
  2. Balances work-life
  3. Fuels our drive
  4. Reduces stress
  5. Expands our networks

Learning new hobbies gives our brains something exciting and challenging to focus on, which can be personally gratifying and make us happier. It gives us something fun to look forward to and helps reduce burn out from our jobs. Plus it can make us more interesting people. My high teacher always said that “bored people are boring people.” Let’s stave off boredom and encourage creativity – in whatever form that looks like. I have listed some possible hobbies below to help get you thinking. If you are interested in any of these just let me know because I have some pretty cool websites that help with a few.




Creative writing/ memoir writing

Local crafts in your area







Scrapbooking / smash booking


Learn how to make your own body products






Recycling projects


Card making


Paper making

Metal work

Basket weaving


Make a wind chime from recycled glass or whatever else


Make a slingshot

Learning a new sport

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or sassy remarks.


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