Then and Now: Peace Corps

My life has changed in many ways since coming to the Philippines, both internally and externally. I would like to share with you some of these ways. Enjoy!

Eating American Food

Then: Whatev / Now: I have to eat all of it now!

tumblr_inline_nmynhacRbl1rfjcg0_500 tumblr_inline_nglapsggz21rfjcg0





Then: No prob / Now: I don’t even remember wearing all of these clothes

lets do this



Electricity Going Out

Then: No biggie / Now: Jesus take me now

oh please tumblr_inline_nfgq84sr8f1rfjcg0





Ants in My Food

Then: Whaaat?! / Now: Just scrape those off and dig in

oh no you didn'tim not even sorry eating



Then: Fun in the sun / Now: ESCAPE the sun!

it is magical cat and fan


Instant Coffee

Then: Are you serious? / Now: Hey, it works



Showering Three Times a Day

Then: Why? / Now: Because…

aint got no time for that tumblr_inline_ncobagLG9g1rfjcg0


Spiders in Shower

Then: Ahhhh! / Now: Killed that sucker…

tumblr_inline_naf0zoAnk71rfjcg0 like a boss




Being Called at on the Street

Then: Mental rampage / Now: Sorry dude

seinfeld tumblr_inline_nfgqknMOHu1rfjcg0




Then: Rollin’ in my car / Now: I found blood on the floor of the jeepney this week

driving in car tumblr_inline_nbjkvwahOy1rfjcg0


 Noises Outside My Room

Then: What noise? / Now: “I’m sorry mom I can’t hear you over Skype because of all animals”

th (1) tumblr_inline_nao03iyTjV1rfjcg0

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