Home Spa Tutorial: Peace Corps Edition

Spa header
Between the beating sun, swirling dust/pollution, and constant sweating my hair and skin have been taking a toll. My hair has become more straw-like by the day and my face is forever breaking out due to the summer conditions. I have thus been experimenting with various techniques to fight against the seize on my body. By using raw ingredients available at the local market and doing a little research, I have developed a few simple home spa treatments for my hair, face, body and hands. To enhance the experience feel free to also make some herbal tea or water with lemon, cucumber, and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. I recommend doing each step over a sink or shower for easy clean up afterwards.

Step 1: Hair TreatmentHair Treatment

Items: olive or coconut oil, 1/2 tsp. honey (optional), bowl, shower cap.

Directions: Combine enough oil to coat your hair and ½ tsp. of honey into a bowl or small pan. Heat the mixture until it is warm but not hot. Begin by massaging the oil/honey into your scalp and then use your fingers or comb to rake the oil to the ends of your hair. Place hair in shower cap and let it set for an hour before washing it out with shampoo.

Step 2: Face MaskFace Mask

Items: Egg white, 1/2 tsp. citrus juice, 1/2 tsp. honey (optional), bowl, fork/whisk.

Directions: While your hair is pulled back in the shower cap go ahead and mix the egg white and lemon juice until frothy and then stir in the honey. Wash your face with normal face cleanser or soap and then apply the mixture to your face using a cotton ball or your fingers. Keep this on your face for 15-30 minutes, or until completely dry. Relax, listen to some soothing music, meditate, etc. Wash the mask off using warm water and pat your face dry.

*You can also do this mask with only egg whites if you don’t have access to the other items.

Step 3: Hand ScrubHand Scrub

Items: ½ tsp. sugar, ½ tsp. citrus juice (lemon or kalamansi), and lotion if you wish.

Directions: While your hair is finishing the oil treatment, and after you have washed your face mask off, you are ready for the hand scrub. It is super easy and takes one minute. Place sugar and juice in the palm of your hand and rub together for thirty seconds, wash off with soap, apply lotion if desired. That’s it!

Step 4: Body ScrubUntitled

Items:  1 part pure oil (such as olive or coconut), 2 parts sugar or sea salt, essential oils (optional)

Directions: At the end of the three other steps you will need to finally wash the oil from your hair and in doing so you might as well take a shower and use this body scrub to exfoliate your skin all over. All you need to do is mix together one part oil (ex. Half a cup) and two parts sea salt or sugar (ex. One cup). Then scrub scrub scrub. If you make too much it is okay because this mixture can be stored in a container for several weeks.


I hope you have enjoyed this simple tutorial; have an awesome time experiencing your own home spa!


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