How to Embrace Life: 6 Personal Tips

I have approached my one year mark here in the Philippines and it is such a great feeling to have gotten this far. I have been thinking about my past year as a trainee and volunteer and trying to decide what I wanted to write for this special occasion. I have tried to keep up with this blog regularly so I feel as though most things have been said. However, I started brainstorming on my experiences in a more general sense and thought it would be fun to create a few tips on how to live life to the fullest, or at least show different ways in which I have done so. I love living life and I try to do so at the utmost level wherever I am. Living life looks differently for every person, and will even look differently at various times in one’s life. These are 6 ways I pursue life, no matter where I am, and they have served me pretty well thus far.


prioritize defset goals 5learn 2create 3venture 2take care 2




  1. Your year in the Philippines sounds pretty amazing! Keep up the great work! (Our mutual friend is Raven – who went to UK with you.)


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