Packing for Thailand: 1 Week

I am heading off to Thailand for a week of vacation and fantastic tours, such as: cooking, playing with elephants, riding bikes, and light trekking. I am only taking my purse and carry-on because it is a short trip (and taking a suitcase costs more money. I love travelling with only a carry-on because it is much less hassle than checking baggage, it is easy to lug around, and you don’t have to wait for it to be unloaded on the carousel after the flight. I have become pretty adept at travelling this way and packing itself is part of the adventure. For this trip I also want to bring back gifts and souvenirs for a few people and must pack with a good amount of free space for the return journey. Packing in a carry-on can be very easy so I have included my packing list and added a few pictures. I use Eagle Creek packing aids and I absolutely love them!

For my purse I always put the items I need to get to easily, I never want to get items from my carry-on during the flight, especially because smaller planes will place your carry-on underneath. I always take several items into consideration: necessities, nourishment, and entertainment. For this trip I will be packing my passport, money, travel itinerary, kindle, journal, phone, water bottle, snacks, coloring book, coloring pencils, lip balm, hand sanitizer, small sewing kit, comb, and salve for headaches. I will also wear a cardigan and light scarf on the plane in case it is chilly. My layover is 14 hours so I must be prepared with entertainment.



3rdI will place everything else in my carry-on which I will not need during the travel time. I have planned my outfits and needed items with the various tours in mind. Some tours have a list of needed items for your activity which is a good place to start.  Given this I will be packing: a swim suit, a hat to keep the sun off my face, sun screen (waterproof), flip flops for wearing inside, 5-6 shirts, 1-2 shorts, 1 legging, 5 underwear, 3 bras, pajamas, toiletries (shampoo, condition, bar soap, face wash, contact solution/contacts, tooth brush/paste, and mascara), glasses for backup, a sarong (which can be used as a towel or swim suit cover-up), a gift for my hosts, a small packet of laundry detergent to wash a few items in the sink, and a fold-able backpack for some of my excursions.





I have put all of my clothing into the black packing aid, my hat and flip flops into the zippered compartment, and my toiletries, backpack, sarong, and eye mask into the remaining space. As you can see, I still have plenty of room left for my host gift to take and my souvenirs to bring back. I also have a incredibly long lay-over in Singapore, and can place some items from my purse into my carry-on before placing it into a locker while I roam around for 14 hours.


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