Meet My Filipino Family


This glimpse is long over due considering I have been living with my Filipino family, the Culalas, for almost a year now, but I figured it was better late than never. The beautiful people in the above photo is the wonderful family I live with here in the Philippines. We are rarely all together and I think this photo might be the only one with all of us (my host dad works on another island in the Philippines and is only home every three months for a short visit). My family is full of intelligent people who work extremely hard; my host dad is a mining engineer, my host mom is a retired nurse, and my host sisters are an accountant, nurse, and teacher. They are fun to be around and I really enjoy the privilege of being a part of their family. They take care of me extremely well and have seemingly adapted very well to my crazy American ways 🙂


These three photos were taken several weeks ago as a farewell celebration for one of my host sisters, Kay, who has since moved to the U.S. for her masters degree. We had such a great day together though seeing her leave was sad. She gave me her plant to take care of and counted the leaves on it to keep track of my progress; I’m slightly paranoid of killing it but am happy to finally have plant. She is really wonderful and I miss her, but she has chosen to go to Iowa to further her education instead of keeping me company at home. The gall.

The three crazy people in the photo above are my other two host sisters, Gail and Trixy, along with Gail’s boyfriend, Hanz, who is studying film at one of the universities here. Trixy is currently working on her masters in education while teaching full time, and Gail and Hanz work in Cebu city with a holistic health organization. We like to share healthy recipes and watch movies. Gail and I successfully made through all of the Hobbit movies over the course of a month when she would come home on weekends, it was awesome; and Trixy and I just watched the Taken movies. At 63 Liam Neeson is in better physical shape than I will ever be in my life. Well done.

Though I miss my family in the U.S. I have been extremely blessed by my Filipino family who has adopted me and given me a home here. They are each beautiful, intelligent, funny, and loving. I enjoy their presence greatly and  love them with my heart.

Plus, my host mom is the poor soul who has to fetch all of the care packages I receive in the mail while I am working so that alone tells you have wonderful they all are.


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  1. Thank you Rachel. I miss you too! I’m sorry to leave you but it’s only temporary. Thank you for taking over my sisterly and daughterly duties. The family is delighted to have you. You are such a darling and blessing to us and the country in general. =)

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