Life Without Plastic: Reusable Facial Cotton Squares


Going along with this mini-series “Life without Plastic” I wanted to share with you the reusable cotton squares I made for my face. Two reasons I have replaced the disposable cotton rounds from the store: 1) they are packaged in plastic and 2) they contribute to considerable amount of waste over time. I use mine to apply an apple-cider vinegar toner and coconut oil moisturizer. They can also be used for make-up remover, fingernail polish remover, and whatever else you choose. They are great because I find them much softer on my skin and I just throw them in the wash with my bright clothes. I had to hand-sew mine since I lack a sewing machine (which took a bit of time), but if you own a machine you could whip them up pretty quickly. For the outer fabric I used a soft cotton (flannel-like) and I also put an absorbent piece on the inside for added thickness and double-sided use. Here is the simple way I created these lovely creatures.


  • Choose a soft cotton or flannel material for the outer fabric and an absorbent fabric for the middle layer (such as a shamwow or old washcloth/towel).
  • Grid the material into three inch squares (or whatever size you wish) and cut out 20 cotton squares and 10 absorbent squares — for 10 facial squares as the end product.


  • Layer the fabric pieces with the two cotton squares on the top and the absorbent layer on the bottom. I chose fabric that is the same on both sides so I didn’t have to worry about wrong/right side of the fabric.
  • Stitch around three sides of the square and clip the sewn corners close to the stitching

IMG_2861 IMG_2862

  • Turn right-side out so the stitching and absorbent piece is on the inside. Top stitch all the way around the square, starting with the open side by folding the edges into the opening and sewing across to seal it shut.
  • Enjoy!


If this does not appeal to you whatsoever, you can also find them being sold on Etsy. 🙂

Much love everyone!

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