Mango Ice Candy Recipe


Ice candy is one of my favorite treats here in the Philippines because it combines two of my favorite things: mangoes and sweetened condensed milk. It is also a favorite because it is served frozen, which is always a relief from the heat, especially in the summer. It is similar to a Popsicle and can be made in plastic tubes, but in trying to avoid plastic we made them in small paper cups and they worked well, but you do need a spoon when eating them in this fashion. My friend’s mother makes these to sell and I had been waiting to get the recipe ever since trying the deliciously chilled dessert. My friend finally came over to show me how to make her mom’s recipe and I now have the privilege of sharing it with you all.  Try not to be shocked by the amount of sugar in this – it would not be a Filipino snack without it. Feel free to cut down on the sugar and make it however you want, but Filipinos might not claim it afterwards.

So here we go! This requires few ingredients and is simple to make.


Serving Size: 15 small paper cups


3 mangoes (this can also be made with any fruit of your choosing)

1 can sweetened condensed milk

2 cups sugar

1 pack of graham crackers (crushed)

2 small pitchers water (not an exact measurement but this is not an exact science) 🙂



Use a fork to scrape the insides of the mangoes until it turns to pulp. Stir the sugar into the water until it is dissolved. Add the sweetened condensed milk and repeat. Finally add the graham crackers and mango pulp. Stir until well mixed. Gently use a ladle to pour mixture into small cups (or whatever container you choose). Place in freezer until completely frozen. Eat and be refreshed!

IMG_3368 IMG_3369

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