Tiny House: Designing Phase

Hey everyone!

I realized it has been a while since my first entry about my tiny house and I wanted to give a brief update to all who are interested in following this crazy process. Looking back over the past four months, since the beginning of this idea, I view January as research month, February and March as design months, and April + as tweaking months. I am so thankful that I am unable to start building my house now and have plenty of time to perfect the design and layout for my new home considering I have changed most details several times already. Good news is that I am finally arriving at a place of peace with my newest adjustments. Since February the design process has been periodic but not consistent; however, this past weekend I was able to dig in and devote considerable time to rehashing measurements, defining details, and reevaluating previous plans. I sat down with my sketch book, graph paper, calculator, ruler, pencil, and eraser for hours and could see it all start to come together.

IMG_3463 IMG_3467

I have loved the process of designing a living space that meets my needs and the way I practice life. There are so many details to think of and because of this I have become more aware of personal patterns and behaviors so they can be reflected in the design of my home. An example would be looking at my hobbies, I love to read, sew, cook, and keep notebooks of all kinds (just to name a few) and I need to design my small space so that I can do each activity comfortably. In addition, I have spent a great deal of time deciding on architecture and decor, discovering what I like and how I want to implement it, such as: Shaker, Japanese, Arts & Crafts, Tudor, and so forth. I have also enjoyed the puzzle of the numbers, dimensions, angles, and more. It is simple math, thankfully, but making it all fit can be a bit of a challenge. It has been a learning experience for me, which I love, and I just hope living in it will be as much fun as designing it!

IMG_3471 IMG_3472

Now that I am entering the final stages of the design process (maybe), I am beginning the material collection phase. My dad has been able to score most of the windows already and we will be using trees from their property for the exterior and interior siding. If you have some free time in November come on out and help us build!

I will continue to keep you updated as I wander through this journey. Thanks for your continual love and support!

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